Miniature Switch – Disconnectors

Our Miniature Switch – Disconnectors combines the function of a switch with the establishment of a disconnector that is used for splitting load currents up to their rated normal current. It will ensure the safety and longevity of your equipment whenever it operates.

Used in machinery, switchboards, motor control centers, power distribution, and photovoltaic installations, switch disconnectors break load current towards normal levels, to provide safety isolation in all your low voltage circuits to protect you from electrical hazards.


  • Switchboards
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Power Distribution
  • Photovoltaic Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Service


  • Safety
  • Prevents electrical hazards

Types of Miniature Switch – Disconnectors

Miniature Switch Disconnectors

With this high safety and reliability Miniature Switch Disconnectors it could now provide safety isolation for any minimal voltage circuit!

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