Motor Protections

Motor protections are used to protect and reduce the internal faults in the electrical motors. How you decide on the type of motor protection, will depend on the size and voltage level that you require. 


What does motor protection do

Motor protections protect the motor from damages, such as vibration or excess torque. In addition, it helps to prevent further breakdowns on operational management  of the motor like, starting up, phrases, voltage, and short-circuit current availability. 


What is motor protection used for?

Motor protections are commonly used in circuit breakers and motors in drive applications, such as motor drives for pumps, fans, compressors, and etc. 

Different protection units are used for the safeguard of the electric motors. Motors are used at various levels in various applications. Induction motors are hugely used at the domestic level as well as industrial or commercial level. Different categories of induction motors are used in industrial units. The big industrial motors are costly, thus the protection of a motor is an important parameter. Different motor protection units are used for the protection of motors. The motor protection was divided into various categories depending upon the operation of the motor. 

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Types of Motor Protection

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Electronic Protection Relays

Having Electronic Protection Relays detect fault conditions and initiate circuit breaker trips to de-energize faulted equipment or circuits before serious damage can occur!

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Thermal Overload Relays

Heating is unavoidable and with the Thermal Overload Relay you could protect the motor from overheating or thermal overload!

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