Omron H5CX Digital Timer

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Basic Features

  • Short body with depth of only 59 mm (for 24-VAC / 12 to 24-VDC Models with Screw Terminals).
  • Character height of 12 mm for better readability (on models with 4 digits).
  • The present value display characters can be switched between red, green, and orange.

Safety and Reliability

  • Power supply circuit and input circuits are isolated for safety and reliability.
  • New set value limit and output counter functions have been added.

Other Features

  • Front Panel can be changed to white or light gray.
  • Models with instantaneous contact output added to the series.

Basic Features

Ultra Short Body

  • The body depth has been greatly reduced. Helps in making thinner control panels. (Models with Screw Terminals)

Easier to Read

  • For better readability, the character height for the present value display is 12 mm (on models with 4 digits), the largest class in the industry. The wide viewing angle and brightness provide excellent visibility. The number of display segments has also been increased to make settings easier to understand, and the present value display can be switched between red, green and orange so that output status can be seen from a distance.

The Easiest Operation

  • Operation is simplified by the Up/Down Keys for each digit on 4-digit models and Up Keys for each digit on 6-digit models.

Safety and Reliability

Isolated Power Supply and Input Circuits

  • Power supply circuit and input circuits are isolated for safety and reliability.
  • Previous non-isolated timers had wiring restrictions and could be damaged if wired incorrectly. The New H5CX removes these worries.

Set Value Limit

  • You can set an upper limit for the set value to prevent unexpected operation of output devices caused by setting mistakes.

Output Counter

  • An output counter counts the number of times that the output turns ON. (An alarm can be set and the value of the output counter can be monitored, Unit: 1,000 operations.) This counter is useful in managing the service life of the Timer or the load.

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