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By May 27, 2019Omron Whitepaper

The electronics manufacturing and semiconductor industries face numerous challenges. Companies strive to control costs while demand for new technologies – particularly consumer electronics devices – rises at a rapid rate, forcing manufacturers to innovate and push their operations to the limit. Under pressure to produce energy efficient and high performance electronics, companies seek to develop new designs that consume less energy without sacrificing performance. All of this innovation is taking place in an industry that struggles with low profit margins and long, drawn-out production processes. Consider semiconductor fabrication. This is a capital-intensive process with more than a hundred different steps, lengthy testing requirements and very expensive raw materials. At the same time, semiconductor manufacturers tend to experience low yields. Data-driven traceability systems that read information-packed codes at every step of the way have helped companies squeeze profits out of an extremely competitive industry. These systems play a key role in internal processes that help with quality monitoring, production optimization and security.

This white paper from OMRON delves into a few of the key trends and challenges that currently shape traceability in the digital and semiconductor industries and describes several technological solutions that can help manufacturers overcome barriers to success. Click here to read more.

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