New 200v three-phase input power supplies a solution to three-phase balance problems

Complex designing with single-phase power supplies is no longer necessary
Three-phase 200 V Power Supplies diminish the risk of three-phase imbalance.

S8VK-WA Features 1

Full of functions for higher design efficiency
A compact body allows easy replacement.

World’s smallest class of compact body *1

This high-capacity yet compact Power Supply requires only less than half the space of the existing models.
Side-by-side mounting possible.

S8VK-WA Features 3

The peak current (150% to the rated current) solves the issue of the momentary surge of current to motor load.

Motor-driven devices such as electric cylinders carry maximal instantaneous current when they start.
When the maximum current exceeds the rated current of a power supply without Boost Current Function, overload protection is activated to limit the output current. To avoid this, you must select a power supply with a rated output larger than the maximum current.
For example, if the maximum current exceeds 10 A, as in the figure on the below, you need a power supply with a rated output of 20 A.
S8VK-WA is equipped with a Boost Current Function that allows a peak current (150% of rated output) to flow for 10 seconds, which ensures a stable startup by a power supply with a rated output current of 10 A as described in the figure on the below.

S8VK-WA Features 5

S8VK-WA solves maintenance issues
Support for efficient maintenance and quick recovery from errors.

The equipment stopped and no output from the power supply.
Disconnecting cables and inspection with a tester is required to identify the cause, taking time and work.


・The cause is not clear.
・The failure cannot be reproduced.
・The problem recurs even after the power supply is replaced.

Built-in maintenance point indicator indicates where to start

S8VK-WA shows you the source of the problem (e.g. input/output side of the Power Supply, or the main body),
without disconnecting cables or using a tester.

S8VK-WA Features 9

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LED and signal output indicate the status of the Power Supply.

When the door of the control panel is closed, you can still check the status of the Power Supply via your controller, etc.,
using the signal that is output in synchronization with the LED. This feature clarifies the error status and necessary maintenance, minimizing the downtime.

S8VK-WA Features 10

Frequent causes of output fall

S8VK-WA Features 11
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