Omron TM Cobot – Collaborative Robot for Advanced Manufacturing In Singapore


You probably know a lot about robots, and you might even have seen one in person before. These machines are designed to be intelligent and systematic as well as helpful for different industries – like industrial robots such as collaborative robots also known by the term “cobots”. In this article we’ll explore all there is to know about these useful devices that many businesses can’t live without!

Exploring The Wonders Of Collaborative Robots

We will tackle everything there is to know about collaborative robots. Find out the reasons why many businesses are adding cobots to their daily processes and workflows.

What Are The Collaborative Robots Or Cobots And Why Are They Useful

Collaborative robots are created to do direct collaboration with humans to carry out different tasks. It helps companies and enterprises to be more productive. These are collaborative industrial robots that can be utilized for advanced manufacturing.

They are designed to provide safety and help businesses to increase production lines without having the need for human supervision on-site, which typically would require higher investments upfront. The cobots are also equipped with electronics installed specifically to allow them to coordinate tasks through wireless connections or even voice commands.

It all started in 1996, when Northwestern University professors J. Edward Colgate and Michael Peshkin invented cobots. 

4 Common Types Of Collaborative Robots

  1. Power and Force Limiting – This type of collaborative robot has rounded corners and a series of smart collision sensors that can quickly detect contact with human workers. It can even stop the operation. In addition, this robot has collaborative robot arms and force restrictions, making collisions unlikely to cause some injuries.
  2. Hand Guiding – These collaborative robots are equipped with a hand-operated device in which an operator directly controls the robot’s movement in automatic mode. With this feature, cobots can be quickly and easily programmed with limited downtime.
  3. Safety Monitored Stop – This is usually used for applications that require minimal human interaction with the robot. They also use a traditional industrial robot together with some security sensors to detect the presence of humans in the workspace of the robot.
  4. Speed and Separation – This is quite similar with safety monitored stop collaborative robots. The main difference is in how fast they work when it comes to interacting with human workers.

Here at Electgo, we offer top-notch cobots.

Omron TM Cobot is a revolutionary collaborative robotics (cobot) of the modern era. Omron Cobot comes with a built-in vision system that supports the positioning model on the object-orientated base or the robot alignment-orientated base.

Intelligent Built-in Vision

Using TM Landmark, it provides a fast, simple and flexible base system positioning method capturing the six degrees of freedom (X,Y,Z, RX,RY,RZ) of the object position information. The only 6 DOF collaborative robot with built-in vision system that integrates hands, eyes and brains of conventional robots into one. Not only it enables you to execute high precision jobs but also provides flexibility for fast line change.


Omron TM Cobot helps you to achieve the following:

  • Addresses labor shortages
  • 24/7 operation
  • Improve productivity
  • Error free operation
  • Consistent speed operation

Omron TM Cobot Built-in Vision Landmark 6 Axis Demonstration

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Frequently Asked Questions About Collaborative Robots in Singapore

Which Industries Use Collaborative Robots?

It can be used in the following industries depending on the cobot: automotive, electronics, agriculture, food processing, logistics and warehousing, metalwork, and other kinds of manufacturing. 

How Can Collaborative Robots Be Used In Manufacturing?

It can be used for assembling various items, handling objects and materials, and many others. As for Omron TM Cobot, it can be used for packaging, screw driving, pick and place inspection, and palletizing.

Are Collaborative Robots Safe?

Yes, they are safe and efficient. Just make sure to purchase from trusted stores that would remind you if there are any security issues you should take note of.

How Can We Repair Collaborative Robots?

If you buy collaborative robots at Electgo, we will make sure to take care of this matter as we are coordinated with Omron – the manufacturer of Omron TM Cobot.