Outdoor Data Loggers

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Outdoor Monitoring Solutions - featured

Outdoor Monitoring Solutions


Onset HOBO data loggers set the standard for reliable, accurate data logging for outdoor monitoring applications.

Outdoor Monitoring Solutions - featured

Whether it’s a stand-alone data logger, a weather station, or a web-enabled field monitoring system, Onset outdoor monitoring products are:

  • Highly accurate
  • Easily deployed
  • Affordable

From agricultural research to ecology studies, to farming – Onset’s weatherproof data loggers and stations offer unparalleled ease-of-use and deliver exceptional reliability – even in the harshest outdoor environments

Outdoor Monitoring Solutions from the Industry Leader

As the trusted manufacturer of field-proven HOBO data loggers for 40 years, Onset’s customers know they can count on our products to perform.




Weather Monitoring
Monitor weather conditions and collect climate data using research-grade sensors and data loggers, with options for viewing data locally or on the web.
Soil Conditions
Track changes in soil characteristics with sensors that measure soil moisture, temperature, and electrical conductivity – for research and farming.
Agricultural Research
Measure and record environmental conditions that affect crop health and growing operations; get data that helps drive better farming practices and decisions.




Field Monitoring
Wireless sensor networks let researchers and farmers monitor microclimate and soil conditions across multiple points in the field or farm.
Environmental Research
Easy-to-use, dependable data loggers and weather stations, for a full range of environmental data and a better understanding of existing and changing conditions.
Green Roof Monitoring
Research-grade, web-based green roof monitoring systems track weather conditions and measure stormwater runoff, to help maintain healthy rooftop vegetation.



Stand-alone Data Loggers

Multi-Sensor Data Logging Stations

Weather Stations

Wireless Sensor Networks

Integrated data logger with sensor for targeted, single or dual measurement needs, with optical or Bluetooth offload.
Data logging stations with cellular or USB connectivity for one or more measurements to suit your application needs.
Easy-to-deploy weather station kits for remote monitoring via the web, or local offloading.
Cost-effective web-enabled multi-point wireless field monitoring for research, crop, and greenhouse management.

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