Panduit’s Adhesive Backed Mounts

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PANDUIT offers high performance adhesive backed mounts and devices for a quick, dependable method of securing, routing and protecting wires or cables.

The adhesive backing provides easy installation and is an alternative to mechanical fasteners.

When properly installed, PANDUIT Adhesive Backed Mounts and devices offer the advantage of lower installed cost and high reliability.


■ Superior adhesive for long term reliability

■ 2-up mount configuration speeds liner removal and installation

■ 4-way cable tie entry makes part orientation fast and easy

■ Adhesive backing allows routing of wires and cables where mounting holes cannot be drilled

■ Mount sizes range from .50″ x .50″ to 2.00″ x 2.00″ for space limited or heavy load applications

■ UL Recognized

■ Used with PANDUIT® cable ties for a complete wire routing solution

■ One piece solutions lower inventory costs and speed installation

■ Cable tie entry ramps guide the cable tie into the mount

■ Bevel entry on wire clips speeds installation

■ Releasable latches allow addition or removal of cables

Selection of Adhesive

Choose from three types of adhesive systems designed for specific application environments and temperatures:

  1. Rubber-based Adhesive Foam Tape
  2. Acrylic-based Adhesive Foam Tape
  3. Two-part Epoxy Adhesive.

Carefully choosing the correct adhesive and closely following the recommended installation steps will provide a reliable, long-term bond.

Rubber-Based Adhesive Foam Tape

  • Rubber-based Adhesive Foam Tape is the best choice for the vast majority of adhesive mount applications, including applications where powder coated surfaces are being used.
  • This pressure sensitive tape develops its strength extremely fast and can be used in indoor environments with temperatures ranging from -20°F to 120°F (-29°C to 49°C).
  • Rubber-based Adhesive Foam Tape is the most widely used and generally recommended foam tape for wire routing applications.

Acrylic-Based Adhesive Foam Tape

  • Acrylic-based Adhesive Foam Tape is a good choice in applications with prolonged exposure to UV rays or heavy moisture.
  • It is designed to be used in indoor or outdoor environments where temperatures can vary from -20°F to 180°F (-29°C to 82°C).
  • The acrylic-based adhesive develops its maximum strength over a longer period of time compared to the rubber-based adhesive.
  • It is recommended that the mounts dwell eight (8) hours after installation and prior to loading.

Two-Part Epoxy Adhesive

  • Two-part Epoxy Adhesive is for use in applications where excessive loading is required or where the mounting surface is porous rather than smooth.
  • This adhesive is formulated specifically for use on PANDUIT EMS and ASMS mounts in either indoor or outdoor applications.
  • It is packaged in convenient pre-measured cups to insure the proper ratio of resin and hardener, as well as eliminate waste.

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