Panduit’s Circuit Breaker Lockout Systems

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Circuit breaker lockout (500 x 500 px)

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) mandates that all energy sources be turned off and locked out to protect employees from injuries caused by the accidental startup of equipment under repair and service.

To support compliance with OSHA 1910.147, Panduit offers a complete line of high-quality, Circuit Breaker Lockout Devices to ensure that electrical energy sources are isolated for optimal workplace safety. These Circuit Breaker Lockouts are part of an extensive line of innovative safety devices designed by Panduit to protect employees from risks associated with all forms of hazardous energy while meeting safety and regulatory requirements.

PowerLOK™ Circuit Breaker Lockout Devices

Panduit’s new PowerLOK™ Circuit Breaker Lockout Devices include many innovative features to provide a versatile, easy-to-use lockout/Tagout device. These devices can be applied to single or multi-pole circuit breakers (such as 120/277V breakers) to prevent the breaker from being turned back on; for safe performance of maintenance or service in accordance with lockout/Tagout procedures.

  • Two Metal Contacts
  • Fits Single and Multi-Pole Circuit Breakers
  • Two-Position Padlock Design
  • Two-Piece Construction

Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout Devices

  • Quickly locks out miniature circuit breakers commonly used in industrial automation and motor control
  • On the PSL-MCBNT, multiple padlock orientations allow adjacent circuit breakers to be locked out individually
  • PSL-MCB can be installed using a screwdriver
  • PSL-MCBNT can be installed by hand with no tool required

Universal & I-LINE™ Circuit Breaker Lockout Devices

  • Quickly locks out circuit breakers (such as 120/277V breakers); ideal for industrial and harsh applications
  • PSL-CB and PSL-CBIL can be installed using a screwdriver
  • PSL-CBNT and PSL-CBILNT can be installed by hand, with no tool required

Large Handle Circuit Breaker Lockout Device

  • Quickly locks out large molded-case circuit breakers (such as 480/600V breakers)
  • Can be installed by hand, with no tool required

Circuit Breaker & Cable

Cinch Cable Lockout

Universal spooling cable locks out multiple devices at one time.

  • Unique, compact internal spooling feature
  • Lockout multiple devices quickly, neatly, and easily
  • Simply extend and loop the 6-ft. nylon-coated steel cable through several devices to lock them out; then insert the cable end back into the device to cinch tight
  • When the cable is cinched tight, the device can then be secured with a padlock (sold separately)
  • Durable plastic, octagon-shaped device measures 3 1/2″ x 4 1/4″ x 1 1/4″
  • When finished, spool the cable back inside the device for neat, easy storage
  • Octagon shape reinforces lockout status and conveys STOP

Twist & Turn Cinch Cable Lockout

Run the cable through various devices; then, with a quick twist of the hasp, cinch the cable to prevent unauthorized access.

  • Easy-to-use cable and cinch lockout hasp solution
  • Polycarbonate, compact hasp is comprised of two 3″ dia. x 1 1/2″ thick rotating halves with 6-ft. red plastic-coated steel cable
  • Visible red octagon shape reinforces the lockout situation

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