PanelMax™ Noise Shield

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PanelMax noise shield

PanelMaxNoise Shield separates drive cables and sensitive communication/signal cables within industrial control panels to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) while saving valuable space.


Metal noise barrier equivalent to 6 inches of air spacing between power and signal cables, saves valuable panel space.


Metal noise barrier

Perforated and pre-scored sections make it easy to cut to length with minimal deburring required.


perforated and pre-scored sections

PanelMaxNoise Shield 

• Metal noise barrier reduces EMI noise coupling between noise emitting and sensitive cabling within a control panel; provides up to 20dB reduction in noise which is equivalent to 6 inches of air spacing

• Installs directly to metal panel surface or within 2, 3, or 4-inch height Panduit wiring duct (when a shield is installed with supplied bonding clips)

• Perforated and pre-scored sections speed installation by allowing sections of the  shield to be snapped off at pre-scored locations to easily cut to length with minimal deburring required

• Vertical wall slots allow wires to cross the barrier at 90° when necessary, providing greater design flexibility

• Horizontal cable tie slots allow cable bundles to be held in place using cable ties so cabling is kept near barrier for greater reliability and optimal aesthetics

• Zinc plated steel surface in contact areas with sub-panel and bonding clip ensures continuity and is corrosion resistant

• Black powder coated vertical surface for smooth edges

• Meets UL 508/508A requirements as a barrier between conductors

noise shield

Performance Characteristics of Noise Sheild


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