PanLug™ Compression Lugs and Splices

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PanLug™ Compression Lugs and Splices (500 x 500 px)
PanLug™ Compression Lugs and Splices

Proven Reliability for Mission Critical Applications:

  • Regulatory Standards Compliant: Meets UL, CSA, IEE Std. 837, ABS, NEBS Level 3, and OSHA
  • Enhance Workplace Safety: Protects personnel and equipment throughout the lifecycle with power connections and cable management that are easy to use, install, and maintain the safety
  • Engineered for Maximum Reliability and Extended Service Life: Provides superior electrical performance in harsh environmental applications

Lowest cost connector option can be used in space-constrained applications

Standard Barrel:

  • Code: LCA* Series 
  • Flex: LCAX* Series 
  • Flex Flared: LCAF* Series
  • Metric: LCMA* Series
  • Aluminum: LAA* Series 

Long Barrel: 

  • Code: LCB* Series 
  • Flex: LCBX* Series 
  • Metric: LCMB* Series

Butt Spices

Facilitate joining of wires to provide a continuous length of conductor

Standard Barrel: 

  • Code: SCS* Series 
  • Flared: SCSF* Series 
  • Metric: SCMS* Series 

Short Barrel: SCSS* Series
Long Barrel: SCL* Series
Aluminum: SA* Series


Two Hole Barrel

Two stud holes provide anti-rotation feature and maximize electrical conductivity

Standard Barrel: 

  • Code: LCD* Series 
  • Flex: LCDX* Series 
  • Metric: LCMD* Series
  •  Aluminum: LAB* Series

Long Barrel: 

  • Code: LCC* Series 
  • Flex: LCCX* Series 
  • Flex Flared: LCCF* Series 
  • Metric: LCMC* Series

Split Bolts

Wide range-taking capability minimizes inventory requirements 

Copper: SBC* Series
Tin Plated: SBCT* Series
Aluminum: SBA* Series


Installation Tools


Crimps copper lugs up to 600 kcmil and aluminum lugs up to 350 kcmil, cuts cable up to 1″ dia. and rod and punches holes in sheet metal. Tool crimp history and maintenance log recorded using CT-USB device and FINS software.


CT-3980 6.7 Ton Dieless Crimping Tool

Crimps copper lugs up to 600 kcmil and aluminum lugs up to 350 kcmil. Tool crimp history and maintenance log recorded using CT-USB device and FINS software.


Multi-tap Connectors

Flexible design can be used as a tap, splice, or dead-end connector, eliminating need for insulating tape or heat shrink

Dual Sided: PCSB* Series
Single Sided: PCSB*S* Series
In-line splicer reducer: PISR* Series 

With Mounting Holes

Dual Sided: PCSBMT* Series
Single Sided: PCSBMT*S Series


Aluminum Mechanical Lugs 

Dual rated for use with aluminum or copper wire, range taking, reusable, install with common tools

Single barrel lugs: LAMA*, LAMB* Series
Two barrel lugs: LAM2* Series
Three barrel lugs: LAM3* Series
Four barrel lugs: LAM4* Series
Splicer – Reducers: SR* Series

Aluminum-mechanical lugs

Copper Mechanical Lugs

Install with common tools, range taking and re-usable

Heavy Duty Cast Copper Lugs and Splices

1-Hole Lugs: 

  • Barrel Post: ML*-*Y Series 
  • Straight Tongue: PNL* Series 
  • Internal Pressure Plate: HL* Series 

2-Hole Lugs:

  • Straight Tongue: PNL-2* Series 
  • Two Barrel: H2L*-2N* Series 


  • Two-Set Screw: PNLC* Series
  • Internal Pressure Plate: HC* Series

Economical Stamped and Formed Copper Lugs 

1-Hole Lugs: 

  • Straight Fixed Tongue: CX*, CXS* Series 
  • Straight Floating Tongue: CS* Series 
  • Offset Floating Tongue: CB* Series 

2-Hole Lugs: 

  • Straight Floating Tongue: CD*Series 
  • Offset Floating Tongue: CO* Series

CT-2980/ST 6.2 Ton Dieless Crimping Tool

Crimps copper lugs up to 750 kcmil with wire range taking capability and aluminum lugs up to 500 kcmil. Download tool crimp history and maintainence log using CT-USB device and FINS software.


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