Industrial Power Supply Units

If you are looking for industrial power supply units in Singapore, you’ve come to the right place! At Electgo, we offer a range of industrial power supply units ranging from switch-mode power supply to regulated switch mode power supply.

The power supply is an electrical device that is used to provide power to the electrical load. The power supply is an important device for different engineering-related fields and appliances. 

Everything that provides electrical power to a circuit, the device can be termed as a power supply as it is supplying some power to the circuit. In engineering, power supplies are used for providing power to different electrical loads in different conditions. 

There are 3 common types of power supplies which are: 

  • Linearly regulated power supplies
  • Unregulated power supplies, and 
  • Switching power supplies. 

Another type of power supply is also introduced which is a ripple regulated power supply. 

The different types of power supplies are used to provide power to different circuits and different appliances. Different power supplies come in with both input sources such as AC power supplies and DC power supplies. The voltage supplied by the power supply can be varied with the help of knobs present on the power supplies. The type of input can be also selected with the help of the switch or the button. 

A typical power supply comprises components like a transformer, rectifier diodes, filters, and different voltage regulator diodes or voltage regulator ICs.

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Types of Power Supply

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Regulated switch mode power supply

Regulated switch mode power supply 

Regulated power supplies have an addition of a voltage regulator that ensures the output delivered is smooth and unchanging, no matter the draw of input.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Industrial Power Supply Units In Singapore

What Is The Preferred Power Supply Used In Industrial Control Applications?

The switching power supply is the most popular type of power supply for industrial applications.

What Is Included In An Industrial Power Supply Unit?

Most industrial power supply units come with overload protection, alarm outputs and maintenance forecast monitors.

What happens when the Power Supplies reach their life expectancy?

The internal electrolytic capacitor deteriorates over time and eventually the output voltage drops to the point where the Power Supplies cannot output power.

What are switching power supplies?

Switching power supplies input a commercial AC power supply (such as 110 VAC or 220 VAC), uses a high-speed semiconductor switching process to convert the input to high-frequency electric power, and yields a direct current (such as 24 VDC).