Acti 9 MCBs Promotion

By May 9, 2022


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Acti9 Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs) gives you absolute peace of mind when it comes to circuit protection and continuity of service, the miniature circuit breakers are especially ideal if you are working within polluted environments and networks.

Acti9 MCBs – Best Seller Models

Acti9 C60H-DC 1P 20A C curve 6kA
Shop A9N61512

Acti9 iC60H 1P 32A D curve 15kA

Shop A9F85132

Acti9 iC60N 1P 6A C curve 10kA

Shop A9F74106

Acti9 iC60N 2P 6A C curve 10kA

Shop A9F74206

Acti9 iC60N 2P 25A C curve 10kA

Shop A9F74225

Acti9 iC60N 3P 40A C curve 10kA

Shop A9F74340

Acti9 iC60H 3P 16A D curve 15kA

Shop A9F85316

Acti9 iC60H 3P 25A D curve 15kA

Shop A9F85325

Acti9 iC60H 3P 32A D curve 15kA

Shop A9F85332

Acti9 iC60H 3P 50A D curve 15kA

Shop A9F85350

Benefits and Applications of Acti9 MCBs


  • Set a new benchmark in final distribution circuit breakers
  • Enhanced security when it comes to circuit protection thanks to VisiSafe
  • Provide greater continuity of service thanks to VisiTrip
  • Come with easily identifiable part numbers, making iC60 miniature circuit breakers simple to order and use
  • Easy installation with quick and ergonomic IP20B terminal shutters
  • Highly durable with robust connections that provide twice the standard tightening torque
  • Environmentally friendly with 100% recyclable and recoverable materials.


  • Providing essential protection in industrial and commercial buildings, our miniature circuit breakers work especially well in polluted environments and networks.
  • For the enhanced protection of electrical circuits in all types of industrial and commercial buildings
  • Suitable for all settings, particularly polluted environments, and networks
  • Motor circuit protection
  • DC current circuit protection

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