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By July 20, 2020

Lab & Product Wire Label made simple …

Brady M611 Promotion for Dual Application

Sounds easy, and it is. This deal gets you printing faster and easier than ever before. And that’s the right way to take care of your business.

Promotion Period: Valid until 31st October 2020

The Perks

  • High Performace – get better print quality and finish your work faster with your new printer
  • Bigger print jobs — High volume? No problem, with your new printer
  • Versatile — design, edit and print up to 2” labels with your new printer

If your business needs more flexibility, let the M611 provide the solution. They’ll grow with you, offering their higher-volume capabilities for jobs that need slightly wider label widths:

  • Datacom
  • Electrical
  • Wire and cable
  • Manufacturing
  • General identification
  • Laboratories

Get a M611 with BWS LAB or PWID Suite at 50% off when you purchase 8 label cartridge.

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How does it work?

Step 1

Choose your Printer with relevant suite desired

Consumables tapes between Lab and Non-Lab application

For M611 with Brady Workstation Laboratory Identification Suite, choose your tape from these B-Material B-403 B-461 B-481 B-488 B-490 B-492 B-494 B-498 B-499 B-7425

For M611 with Brady Workstation Product & Wire Identification Suite, choose B-material that are not shown in above B-material range for general Product & Wire Identification application

Step 2

Combination of Tapes & Ribbons totals to 8 quantity to qualify for printer discount.

Step 3

Contact ElectGo for more details.

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Product Overview

Brady M611 Printer Overview

The BradyPrinter M611, paired with Brady Workstation desktop or mobile software, is your print-from-everywhere solution.

Brady M611 Lab Overview

Don’t redefine your lab workflow, refine it with the BradyPrinter M611 Mobile Printer and the Express Labels Laboratory app. Data-driven, cloud-distributed label sets make hand-labelling samples quick, easy, clean and organized.

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