Omron Industrial Ethernet Cables

By October 6, 2021
Industrial Grade Ethernet Cables

With the growing prevalence of IoT, automated factory sites are also replacing serial connection with Ethernet as their main method of communication, and their expectations for connection quality are becoming increasingly demanding.

At Omron, These products support both controller-level and device-level networks and can be used together with general-purpose Ethernet as well.

You can ensure connection quality by coordinating them with our PLCs and other products from our assortment of Ethernet devices.

Industrial Grade Ethernet Cables


  • Support EtherNet/IP™, EtherCAT® and other industrial Ethernet Devices
  • Support Ethernet speed from 10 BASE-T, 100BASE-TX up to 10G Base-T
  • Cable structure designed for reliable use in noisy environments.
  • Industrial Grade Double-Shielded Ethernet Cables provide superior communication/noise characteristics in CAT6 A Ethernet Cable Series.

Internal Cable Structure


Shielding Effects

The chart below demonstrates the shielding effects of unshielded, single-shielded, and double-shielded cables at 1 MHz.

Higher numbers represent greater shielding effects (i.e. higher levels of noise interference reduction).

Note: Cables with two layers of shielding as in the above photo, are said to be ”Double-Shielded”

Comparison Chart of Shielded and Unshielded


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