Socomec MULTIS Series Promotion

By November 29, 2021
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Key Features of Socomec MULTIS L50

  • Panel mounted digital meter
  • Display multi-measurement and energy values directly on backlit LCD display
  • Designed for utilisation on three-phase or single-phase networks
  • Suitable for applications of up to 6000 A
  • Offers input/output functions as standard as a pulse output or RS485 MODBUS communication output
  • For detailed specifications, click here

Key Features of Socomec Multis L20

  • The SOCOMEC MULTIS range 96 x 96 insure the measurement of all your electrical parameters, V, A, Hz, P, Q, S, COS ϕ… For Single and Three phases network.

  • The MULTIS L20 is a digital LV and HV three-phase measurement device. It displays simultaneously the 3 phases + neutral and the most frequent values for an electrical installation or for monitoring generator sets.

Key Features of Socomec Multis L40

  • The MULTIS L40 is a digital three-phase multimeter for measuring electrical values in LV and HV networks. In addition to the MULTIS L20 functions the MULTIS L40 also offers MODBUS RTU communication via RS485, measurement of the energies (active, reactive) and pulse output.