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If you are looking for push buttons and pilot lights in Singapore, you’ve come to the right place! At Electgo, we offer a huge range of push buttons and pilot lights in Singapore ranging from brands like ABB and Schneider Electric.

Push buttons and pilot lights have been designed for industrial applications. Whether they are installed in panels or control stations, the attractive and ergonomic design makes the pushbuttons and pilot lights the ideal solution in control circuits.

Pilot lights are used as an indication when a machine or industrial operation has started or stopped. The color of illumination or the momentum of the lights can be changed easily. These lights are commonly found on applications or control panels that are easily accessible to allow the users to operate easily. 

We offer a wide range of push buttons and pilot lights from various sizes, shapes, colors, and voltages.


Push Buttons & Pilot Lights Products


ABB’s pilot device ranges feature a heavy-duty design, suitable for tough environments, and meet most major global industrial standards and approvals. ABB’s entire compact range and selected parts of the modular range features IP69K degree protection demanded in many industries such as cement, food, and beverage.


Schneider Electric

As the world-leader of push buttons, and pilot lights, Schneider Electric’s Harmony range is the benchmark for operator efficiency and effectiveness. It ensures robust, safe, ergonomic, and easy control of machines and manufacturing lines. Furthermore, in the context of IoT, Harmony includes intelligent, connected products that gather and process data, enabling customers to make informed decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Push Buttons And Pilot Lights In Singapore

What Are Push Buttons Used For?

Push buttons are used for controlling switches of a machine or industrial appliances. They are meant to grant instant or simple access to users for industrial applications.

Is It Dangerous If The Pilot Light Goes Out?

It could be. Pilot lights are meant to indicate that the industrial appliance is turned on and operating. Be sure to check what the pilot light being turned on is meant to indicate.

What Is A Pilot Light Used For?

It is being used to indicate that a certain industrial appliance is in operating mode or is being turned on.

Are Pilot Lights Always Turned On?

This depends on the context of what the pilot light is meant to indicate. It could be either turned on or off.

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