Respiratory Protection

Respiratory protection is essential when it comes to protecting the health of the workers from the harmful effects of gases, vapors, and particulate hazards found throughout many working environments.

Reusable / Respirators masks represent a cost-effective and comfortable way for the worker at work. 

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What are the hazards that reusable respirators can protect from?

  • Depending on the filters fitted, reusable respirators can protect you from common respiratory hazards including gases, vapors, dust, mists, metal fumes, and certain gases and vapors.

What kind of workplaces requires the need for reusable respirators?

  • Typical activities where hazardous gases and vapors can be found include painting, roof felting, timber treatment, earthmoving, road surfacing, and many similar tasks. A reusable respirator may also be required for any activity involving adhesives and sealants.

How can I be sure the reusable respirator being worn is fitted correctly and works sufficiently?

  • Always refer to the user instructions for fitting guidance. Train your employees in how to fit and remove their respirator and ask them to demonstrate that they know how to fit them properly. Before every use, perform a fit check to ensure that the respirator is fitted correctly. Remember: If a respirator doesn’t fit properly, it can’t protect properly! A pre-use fit check should not be confused with the fittest which is required for wearers of tight-fitting respirators.

How should I maintain my reusable respirator?

  • Clean the facepiece after each use. Perform visual checks before and after use. Any tears, cracks, or distortions should be reported and dealt with. Records of inspection and maintenance must be kept for respirators used for more than 1 month. Damaged parts should be replaced as required.

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