RFID Systems

An RFID system makes it possible to read and write data without contact, using electromagnetic or electric waves. Information can be read irrespective of the quality or surface condition of the item to be read. The large communication area helps to achieve high reliability in communication. The implementation of the RFID System makes it possible to “unite items with their information”, which allows for the creation of a highly flexible and highly reliable system.


The main features of RFID are as follows:

  1. Able to Read and Write data without direct contact
  2. By “combining an item with its information”, a highly pliable and reliable system configuration becomes possible
  3. With the adoption of space transmission technology and protocols, highly reliable communication is made possible
  4. Reading and writing is possible without a line of sight, using electric and electromagnetic wave transmission
  5. Can simultaneously access information of multiple RF tags

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RFID Systems

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