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Omron RFID System

RFID System Applications

RFID System is an abbreviation of Radio Frequency Identification System. It is an “Identification system using wireless communication” that enables transferring data between “RF Tags (or Data Carriers)” that are held by men or attached to objects and “Antenna (or Reader/Writers)”. It is a kind of radio communication system.

Omron RFID System

Application Examples

Examples of such a system that may be familiar include the “electronic ticketing system at train stations” and “touchless gate system on ski lifts”.
In these examples, tickets or lift passes are RF tags and the ticket gate or ski lift is an antenna.
Such systems are also used for the automatic payment in food halls. In this case, every food item has an RF tag attached to it, and an antenna is inside the table on which the food tray is placed when making payment.

This makes it possible to not only automatically calculate the price of the food, but also automatically display information such as total calories.
Recently, this kind of system has gained a lot of attention to realize a ubiquitous society.

Omron RFID