Schneider Electric’s TeSys D Green Contactors

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Schneider Electric’s TeSys D Green Contactors

TeSys D Green Contactors range now enriched with new contactors, featuring AC/DC coils (every coil can be energized with either AC or DC), lower consumption and even more.

  • Low control current > Lower permanent consumption Reduced coil power (just 0.5 W / 24 V DC for the BBE coil) contributing to increase machine energy efficiency.
  • Low control current > Direct PLC control for contactors up to 80 A (1) TeSys D Green contactors (with BBE coil code) can be driven by a common 24 V DC / 500 mA static output , a relay interface is no longer needed.
  • Coil current permanent monitoring / control > Constant closing / opening time regardless of voltage fluctuation, for reliable repetitive actions.
  • Coil current permanent monitoring / control > Reduced contacts bounces due to machine shocks and vibrations, preventing from microbreaks.
  • Keeps legacy standard dimensions and terminal assignment > one ‘TeSys D Green’ can replace many ‘TeSys D’ contactors as a spare, when maintenance is needed, with better performances.

Coil currents comparisons

TeSys D Green Contactors

TeSys D Green – exploded view

TeSys D Green contactors keep the same high resistance to shock and vibration as TeSys D, their coils offer a wider control voltage band and a lower permanent consumption.



TeSys D contactors are primarily used in industry, infrastructure and buidling applications.

  • TeSys D contactors have been designed for perfect integration in control systems
  • These contactors can be used to create motor starters for any type of application

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