Schneider Electric – Choosing the right motor control and protection components

By August 20, 2018Schneider Whitepaper

Amid mushrooming global demand for energy and increasing concern for the environment, countries around the world are implementing tighter environmental restrictions. Industrial motors, a major global consumer of electricity, are one of the prime targets of the new regulations and standards.

The transition to IE3 premium efficiency motors and IE4 super premium efficiency motors is underway, raising challenges for businesses. However, these challenges also bring opportunities for businesses to reduce energy costs and increase efficiency while lightening their impact on the environment.

To make the right motor starter choices and ensure maximum energy efficiency, it is important to be aware of how IE3 premium efficiency motors behave during starting and the impact this behavior can have on protective devices. Schneider Electric TeSys motor starter products (motor circuit breakers, overload thermal relays, and contactors) have undergone extensive laboratory testing with different motor brands to confirm their compatibility with IE3 and IE4 motors. Click here to find out more in the whitepaper.


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