Smart Buildings are Smart Business


How to develop buildings with a sustainable leading edge

The challenges faced by the commercial construction sector today are more difficult than ever before. Urban space is now at a premium as cities become more densely populated and the contribution of buildings to climate change is under a microscope. Building owners can respond to these challenges and seize the market opportunities by quickly changing their building’s operating system and revamping their assets.

Topics to be covered:

  1. A time of change for commercial building
  2. Creating buildings that learn
  3. The ROI of smart
  4. Your smart building project starts here
  5. The future is even smarter
  6. Creating buildings of the future, today
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The ROI of Smart

More effective and efficient use of power can save money, quickly repaying initial technology expenditure. HVAC and lighting alone can account for about 50 percent of energy use in an average commercial building. By incorporating smart automation, managers may see decreased energy costs of 30 to 50 percent.

Smart Building _ cost saving