Solutions for electrical installation in buildings

By June 1, 2022ABB, Solutions

Two volumes, one objective: to always find the best solution

From a single catalogue with two complementary volumes: streamline to simplify, analyse to choose

The catalog of Electrical installation solutions for buildings come in two separate but integrated volumes: one dedicated to the description and easy selection of products code and one for professionals searching for in-depth details and specifications, installation examples, and special technical solutions.


Electrical installation solutions for buildings An indispensable tool for those who are looking for an easy selection of a completely reliable range of products

The main catalogue summarizes all the technical-commercial characteristics of the products and allows one to navigate between the main characteristics, descriptions, specifications, accessories, product pictures, illustrations, and information about the individual codes. The catalogue is a helpful product guide, which makes easier the orientation in a very complex product range of ABB products for electrical installation in buildings.

Electrical installation solutions for buildings – Technical details and information, application examples, installation solutions: the complete ABB know-how at the service of professionals

The technical addendum dedicated to technical applicative details provides professionals with a series of specialized information such as the operating curve, selectivity tables, connection diagrams, etc. The number of chapters in the technical addendum match the same chapters in the main catalog