Source Change-Over Systems

Source Change-Over Systems are essential for applications that need a continuous supply of electric power. 

Moreover, Source Change-Over System is applicable to all LV electrical installations exposed to : 

  • Nominal voltage loss or dip (When there is an increasing demand for electric power) 
  • Unpredictable power quality 
  • Frequent power cuts 

For infrastructure managers, a Source Change-Over System gives direct economic benefits, hence, it’s best to select based on power cost. In this case, the replacement source is used as an alternative, more economical source.


  • Maximum continuity of service
  • Optimized energy management
  • The simplicity of the system based on pre-tested components


  • Safety and protection
  • Energy availability


Switching of the main energy source to a replacement source, performed either manually or automatically, in LV electrical installations and in particular in:

  • Buildings: hospitals, banks, insurance firms, military installations, commercial buildings
  • Industry: continuous production line (chemicals, glass), mining, ship engine rooms
  • Infrastructures: airports, ports, railway installations, highway, water treatment, telecommunication

Types of Source Change-Over Systems

Source Change-Over Systems

With Source Change-Over System you won’t have to worry about high cost power anymore as it is economical!  

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