Storage Units

PLC data is collected and stored in a PLC unit with superior environment resistance without using a computer. Using a computer for data collection presents the problems of a slow collection speed and low collection point as compared to data storage units. 

Until now, data has been collected in the PLC memory. With a storage unit, it eliminates the need for a PLC with a large-capacity memory as well as programming data collection in the ladder program. 

The storage unit reads the PLC I/O memory according to specific collection methods and stores the data with time-stamps. It can record a variety of data such as production history data, inspection data, and process data from equipment using a PLC. Electronically managing the data on the operation of equipment and devices enables root cause analysis when errors occur, as well as a proper understanding of operational tendencies. 

Types of Storage Units


Storage Units

High-speed Data Storage Unit with Ethernet port and PC-card slot  – with Ethernet communication capability – Backplane / rack mounting.

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