Tachometer, which is also known as a multifunction counter, is an ultra-compact counter that provides a more comprehensive functionality. 

The main features are : 

1. Easy to read

    • For better readability, the character height for the present value display is 12 mm on models with 4 digits, the largest class in the industry.
    • The wide viewing angle and brightness provide excellent visibility.
    • The number of display segments has also been increased to make settings easier to understand, and
    • the present value display can be switched between red, green, and orange so that output status can be seen from a distance

2. Safety and Reliability

    • New set value limit and counter functions have been added
    • New models with two tachometer inputs and two tachometer outputs have been added

3, Save Space 

    • The body depth has been greatly reduced. Helps in making thinner control panels.

4, Easiest Operation 

    • Operation is simplified by the Up/Down Key for each digit on 4-digit models and Up Key for each digit on 6-digit models.

Types of Tachometers