Tethered Drones 

The Leviathan Tether Power Module is made possible using the next generation’s most efficient and power-dense Nact Engineering power modules and innovative winch to enable a truly portable and standalone package for tethering UAVs. A 7 Kg package ensures that a single operator can transport and operate the UAV and Leviathan package in a plug-and-play package. 

Option for tethered data transfer is available when pairing with drones that support Ethernet data transfer. Due to the high power capability of the Leviathan Tether Power solution, users may choose to incorporate power-demanding payload on the UAV, such as Nact’s S@N lighting modules to enhance operational results and impart new uses to the UAV previously not possible due to energy or power demand requirements.

The Leviathan Tether Power Module automatic constant tension winch is pre-calibrated in the factory before shipment. Option for adjustable constant tension control is available via a knob on the panel. Onboard Transient Voltage Suppressorsprotects against ESD events during handling of the module assembly. The Leviathan TetherPower Module comes with the Leviathan-BatteryPack 560Wh battery pack as a standard package, with the option of up to 5 external hot-swappable BatteryPackLite. Please contact Nact for optional features, ruggedized versions, and/or other power source options.

Features and Benefits

  • Power Tether, with the option of tether data transfer
  • Small Sized, extremely light weight
  • All in One Package: Integrated Battery Module with No External Generator
  • Automatic Constant Tension Winch for automatic Cable Retrieval
  • Up to 60m Cable Length
  • Overvoltage, Overcurrent, Undervoltage and Thermal Protection.
  • Compatible with S@N10K, S@N20K and S@N40K for infrastructural comparable lighting
  • Weather Resistant

Typical Applications

  • Standalone Tether Power Solution for Robots
  • Standalone Tether Power Solution for Infrastructure
  • Unjammable Long Endurance Robotics