Thumbwheel Switches & Accessories

Thumbwheel Switch is a setting switch that converts the numeric value selected by turning a disk-shaped part on which numbers are written into a binary, decimal, hexadecimal, or other code using the combination of ON and OFF signals for multiple contact circuits and that outputs the resulting code.

When the thumbwheel switch has been installed in the electronic or digital device, it will allow you to input codes and numbers by rotating the wheel with your thumbs. Thumbwheel switches are commonly used in process controls, testing, instrumentation, and machine controls. 

There are different types of thumbwheel switches depending on the mounting method. 


Thumbwheel switches easily convert values to binary, decimal, or hexadecimal codes.

Visually checking initial valuesThe selected value is displayed as-is, so you can always check the set value visually. This makes it easier to prevent incorrect operations.
Maintaining set valuesConversion to a code uses only a mechanical mechanism, so the set value is maintained whether the power is ON or OFF.
Easy digital conversionConversion to a code is easy, which makes circuits and wiring simple and improves control system reliability and maintainability.