Time Switches

A time switch is a pre-set electronic timer that controls the ‘on’ and ‘off’ of the electrical equipment. The electronic timer switch can be built into: 

  • An existing power circuit connected to the main power supply 
  • Wall socket with the appliance then connected to the timer, or
  • The piece of equipment itself. 

There are many different types and ranges of time switches depending on your requirements and ideally, it can help you to save costs over time as it will consume electricity when required. Time switches can be used both in industrial, commercial, and residential. 

Some features are : 

  • Independent Day Keys provide easier operation. 
  • The temporary holiday setting function makes it easy to turn OFF output for holidays and non-operating days. 
  • Settings can be made even with the Time Switch turned OFF. 
  • Test mode enables easy program checking. 
  • Complies with EMC Directives, UL/CSA, and other safety standards. 
  • Includes summertime (DST) adjustment.

Yearly models also offer automatic switching to DST. 

  • Set value can be changed both upward and downward for a speedier setting. 

Types of Time Switches

Time Switches

Time Switches

Time Switches for 24 hours, weekly, or yearly time control or Timer Switches controlled by hours of sunlight are widely available!

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