Variable Speed Drives – Inverters

Variable Speed Drives In Singapore – Also Known As Inverters

If you are looking for variable speed drives or inverters in Singapore, you’ve come to the right place! At Electgo, we offer a huge range of variable speed drives in Singapore ranging from brands like Omron, ABB and Schneider Electric.

Variable Speed Drives provide the user with precise control. It controls the speed and torque of an AC motor via converting fixed frequency and voltage input to a variable frequency and voltage output.

With variable speed drives, it helps to reduce unnecessary wastage of electrical energy from the applications. 

How Do Variable Speed Drives Operate

Variable speed drives are controlled by inputting specific frequencies or parameters into the device that allows greater and precise control over the machines and operations. 

Variable speed drives are usually placed between an electrical supply and a motor, with the inverter allowing the power to be adjusted to suit the application. 

Variable speed drives can be used widely in various applications, from small applications such as desktop fans to industrial applications. It is particularly useful for applications that require precise control of speed and torque with motors. 

Some variable speed drives are very compact and sleek, making installation at ease. Some may have built-in security features such as automatic restarts after power failures, emergency stops, or safety self-diagnostics that allow the user to identify and prevent any workplace accidents. 

Types of Variable Speed Drives

Variable Speed Drives - Inverters

Variable Speed Drives 

A powerful combination of safety, reliability, and simplicity for reducing costs both during installation and throughout the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Variable Speed Drives In Singapore

What Does A Variable Speed Drive Do?

Variable Speed Drives control the turning power of an Alternate Current motor. The system performance is in turn improved when the speed is matched to the load. This is done when the fixed frequency and input is being converted to a voltage output.

What Is The Difference Between A Variable Speed Drive And A Variable-Frequency Drive?

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) refer to AC drives only. On the other hand, Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) could refer to both AC Drives or DC Drives. The primary difference is that VFDs vary the frequency to the motor while VSDs vary the voltage to the motor.

Where Are Variable Speed Drives Used?

They are mostly used to control fans in air volume systems in ventilating systems.

Why Are Variable-Frequency Drives Called Inverters?

That is because VFDs are able to turn direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).